Friday, October 5, 2012

Snow White and the Seven

The Grimm version of Snow White was for once not completely different from Disney's adapted version. The only real changes lie in the times Snow White is tricked by her stepmother and the way her stepmother is punished for this. 
I personally enjoyed the Disney movie more for several reasons. Snow White seems a little bit smarter because she does not make the same mistake three times over of trusting an old woman. I also like the movie better because Disney puts depth into the characters of the dwarfs.
Originally these seven little men were only a place of safety for Snow White to run away to but Disney adapted them into a fully necessary part of the story.
I also enjoyed the movie more because instead of making it seem like the dwarfs were forcing Snow White to clean their house, she willingly did it on her own. She agreed to keep cleaning but also made rules of her own concerning the dwarfs hygiene. I also enjoyed the common aspects of any Disney movie that were added to this story. Those being, the addition of magic, helpful animal friends, and a prince that loved Snow White from the start. I think Disney did help the fairy tales by adapting them for more modern times with a very timeless tale that can be passed down. Keeping up with the Zeitgeist keeps the fairy tales alive for generations to come.

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